Caleb is a dedicated husband and father. He is also a fierce litigator who believes the Bible is the only standard for law, justice, and social order. Caleb’s passion for defending America’s service members comes from a deep and abiding love for God’s law and His standards of justice. He is driven by his conviction that Christ’s Kingdom transforms every area of life. He uses his passion, conviction, and expertise to defend military members worldwide and all those who are unjustly accused of crimes in our increasingly unjust secularized society. Christ is Lord!


Caleb earned his Bachelor of Arts in Political Science at Auburn University in 2011. Following undergraduate, Caleb attended Liberty University School of Law and graduated with his Juris Doctorate in 2015. In 2016, Caleb fulfilled a lifelong dream of military service by joining the U.S. Army JAG Corps. In 2023, Caleb and his family returned home to North Alabama, where he continues to fight for the rights and freedoms of service members.

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Caleb is an Army veteran who spent over 6 years in the Army JAG Corps. While on active duty, Caleb served as the Chief of National Security Law at XVIII Airborne Corps at Fort Bragg. As a garrison National Security Law attorney, Caleb directly advised a three-star command on two hurricane response missions (Hurricane Florence and Hurricane Michael) and the border patrol mission.

Caleb deployed to Iraq in 2019 as an Operational Law attorney as part of the Combined Joint Task Force Operation Inherent Resolve. During his deployment, Caleb advised commanders on lethal targeting and vetting of Iraqi Security Forces.

After returning from deployment, Caleb served as a defense counsel at Trial Defense Services – Fort Bragg for two years where he distinguished himself as a litigator, earning numerous acquittals and consistently achieving victories for his clients. In 2019, Caleb was rated the #1 litigator in his region.

Because of his achievements, Caleb was hand-picked to serve as the Special Victims Prosecutor (SVP) at Fort Knox, Kentucky. As an SVP, Caleb led a team of prosecutors and paralegals in litigating some of the Army’s most serious and complex cases. Caleb distinguished himself as a prosecutor, earning the designation of Senior Military Justice


The Uniform Code of Military Justice

Worldwide UCMJ Military Defense

Fighting Criminal Charges if You Are on Active Duty. The Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) is a complex set of laws and regulations. A conviction for a UCMJ violation can put you in prison and ruin your future. If you’re accused of a UCMJ violation while on active duty, you must contact the right lawyer.

Military Religious Freedom & Religious

Military personnel in the U.S. have a legal right to seek religious accommodation. The process includes seeking the advice and the insights of their commander, medical provider, chaplain, and sometimes an attorney. Military religious freedom attorney R. Davis Younts will protect your right to seek...

Military Medical Professional Defense

Being a medical professional can be difficult and incredibly rewarding at the same time. While providing medical aid and saving people’s lives can be meaningful and valuable, there are incredibly high standards to practice medicine effectively. These standards are even more vital in the military. Strict protocols are in place...

UCMJ Corrections and Discharge

When someone leaves the military without an Honorable Discharge, that veteran’s job prospects are reduced, he or she receives no education benefits, and some veterans receive no benefits at all. However, these veterans are not without options. Correcting anyone’s military records...

UCMJ Drug Crimes (Article 112a)

Using, possessing, or selling illegal drugs can mean serious legal trouble if you are on active duty. Just one joint of marijuana is enough to ruin your future. If you are charged with a drug crime in a military court, you must be represented by military defense attorney R. Davis Younts.

UCMJ Sexual Assault (Article 120)

The Pentagon has spent millions on sexual assault and rape prevention, but there is little for you if you are the target of a false rape or sexual assault allegation. If you’re on active duty and you are accused of rape or sexual assault, contact military defense attorney R. Davis Younts at once.


In-Depth case evaluation

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