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Military Medical Professional Defense. Being a medical professional can be difficult and incredibly rewarding at the same time. While providing medical aid and saving people’s lives can be meaningful and valuable, there are incredibly high standards to practice medicine effectively. These standards are even more vital in the military. Strict protocols are in place to ensure the safety of all military personnel.

Unfortunately, mistakes can happen (or believed to have happened) and you may be held accountable. If you have been accused of personal or professional misconduct or clinical incompetence, you may be facing serious consequences. Your best approach to defend yourself from these allegations and possible investigations would be to contact a military medical professional defense attorney to support you in your fight to clear your name and reputation of any wrongdoing.

Can a Military Defense Lawyer Represent Me If I’m Under Investigation for Clinical Incompetence?

Being under investigation for any indiscretion can be troubling. However, if you are a medical professional under investigation for clinical incompetence, you will right be concerned and. Clinical incompetence is defined as essentially not performing your medical duty as required by the applicable standard of care. This may mean you are accused of acting recklessly or improperly while performing your duty. It may mean you are accused of simply making a mistake or failing to document care while on duty.

If you are found to have demonstrated incompetence clinically, you may risk facing several, potentially life-changing consequences. There are certain situations that may mean your entire practice is under investigation, not just you. In any circumstance that clinical incompetence is being investigated, be sure to call a military defense attorney to back you up every step of the way. Do not let one mistake define your future. Reach out for legal help today to give your future a fighting chance.

What Defense Can a Military Lawyer Use Against My Personal Misconduct Investigation?

While medical professionals often find themselves as a target for alleged clinical incompetence, personal misconduct can also have detrimental effects on you and your practice. Personal misconduct for military personnel typically means you engaged in improper relationships, disobeyed certain protocols such as traveling privileges, and committed other acts such as being intoxicated, sexually harassing someone, or others.

Because personal misconduct is such a wide web, it may be easy for your actions to be misconstrued. A military defense attorney can help you prove that your actions were misinterpreted or that you weren’t aware you were in violation of any protocols. Depending on what you are being accused of, a personal misconduct allegation can be tricky to overcome. Make sure you have the proper defense to help you avoid any harsh punishments that can affect your future.

What Are the Consequences of Being Culpable of An Indiscretion?

The consequences for failing to uphold standards and protocols set forth by your military treatment facility can be severe. On top of having your license to practice medicine suspended or even revoked from the military treatment facility, your actions may be reported to other state licensing authorities, which can affect your ability to practice medicine elsewhere in the future.

In some cases, you may also be processed for separation, which can have adverse effects on you and your family. Avoid these life-altering penalties should be your number one priority if you are facing an investigation for clinical incompetence or misconduct. Do not make the mistake of thinking you can defend yourself in these situations. It can backfire on you very quickly. Contact a military law professional to help you defend yourself and your rights.

How Can a Military Medical Professional Defense Attorney Help Me Overcome My Case?

While times may be troubling and stressful if you are a military medical professional under investigation, there are ways to fight your allegations and overcome any adverse actions that may be coming your way. R. Davis Younts will fight for you from start to finish in an effort to ensure you receive the best outcome possible. R. Davis Younts understands how important your role is and how precious your rights are. Let us fight for you. Call us at (717) 612-4840 for a free case evaluation today.


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