All Charges dismissed in Sexual Assault case at Andrews, Air Force Base, Maryland.  Lt Col wrongfully accused of sexual assault was vindicated through careful and strategic investigation.  We were able to uncover a clear pattern of lies and manipulation by a witness.  Innocent man exonerated and a career saved.

Full acquittal in BAH fraud case at Travis, Air Force Base, California.  NCO wrongfully accused of false statements and larceny involving alleged BAH fraud was acquitted by an officer panel.  Attorney Younts’ used the testimony of expert witnesses, in -depth knowledge of the Joint Travel Regulation, and a compelling closing argument to achieve complete victory for our client and his family.

Full acquittal in Vicenza, Italy.  Female Army NCO was found not guilty of all charges related to alleged cruelty, maltreatment, and dereliction of duty.  Attorney Younts’ successfully argued that our client was an outstanding NCO with high standards and the allegations stemmed from an attempt by Soldiers to hide their own substandard performance by making false claims of misconduct.

Full acquittal in 5 specification sexual assault case, Fort Polk, Louisiana.   Attorney Younts’ carefully crafted strategy and stunning cross examination of a CID agent revealed missing evidence in court.  Specialist was fully acquitted.

All charges dropped in armed robbery case at Joint Base Elmendorf Richardson, Anchorage, Alaska.  Attorney Younts’ adept use of pre-trial motions and independent investigation convinced the court that there was no evidence to support the fabricated allegations and an Army Specialist was cleared of all charges.

Full acquittal in sexual assault case, Fort Riley, Kansas.  Attorney Younts’ independent investigation and stunning cross examination in court revealed the truth.  Specialist was fully acquitted.

Not Guilty verdict at Ramstien Air Base, Germany.  Air Force Lieutenant Colonel acquitted of false allegation of sexual assault.  During cross-examination by Attorney Younts the complaining witness admitted that she did not believe she had been sexually assaulted and felt forced into making the allegation by Air Force officials.

Marine Corps E-8 acquitted of fraternization at Great Lakes Naval Station.  Attorney Younts’ thorough preparation and on point cross-examination of a critical witness revealed the truth.

Full acquittal in alleged child sexual assault case at Joint Base San Antonio, Texas.  Attorney Younts successfully proved the innocence of an E-6 who was wrongfully accused of molesting two girls.  Attorney Younts left no stone unturned and discovered that the girls had fabricated the story based on the plot of a television show.  His efforts lead to a full acquittal.

Full acquittal in armed robbery case at Joint Base San Antonio, Texas.  Attorney Younts obtained an acquittal for Air Force E-4 who was falsely accused of armed robbery.  Attorney Younts’ independent investigation and cross-examination demonstrated that the complaining witness was coached to identify his client and that the police officers had mishandled a weapon.  The result was a full acquittal.

Full acquittal for an Air Force Technical Sergeant at Dover Air Force Base. charged with two counts of sexual assault and dereliction of duty.  Pre-trial investigation, strategic filing of motions, and masterful closing argument ensured a just outcome.  The chain of command was so moved by the defense case that the Lt Col squadron commander who had initiated the charges thanked Attorney Younts for revealing the truth.

Full acquittal in positive urinalysis case at Joint Base San Antonio, Texas.  Attorney Younts obtained a full acquittal for an E-5 accused of wrongfully using methamphetamine.

All charges dropped in sexual assault case at Grand Forks Air Force Base, South Dakota.  Attorney Younts was able to convince the chain of command to drop all charges against an E-3 accused of two counts of sexual assault.  Attorney Younts’ independent investigation proved that the victims were using text messages to fabricate testimony.  All charges dropped after Article 32 Hearing.

Full acquittal in Wyoming sexual assault case.  Attorney Younts obtained a full acquittal in a sexual assault case where the complaining witness lied about a prior relationship with an E-4.  As a result of diligent preparation and thorough cross-examination Attorney Younts revealed the truth and the result was a full acquittal.

Acquittal in homicide case.  Attorney Younts obtained an acquittal on homicide charges for an E-4 accused of causing the death of his son.  Through the use of forensic evidence and expert testimony Attorney Younts demonstrated for the court-martial that the death was caused by the client’s ex-wife.

Full acquittal at Lackland Air Force Base for Air Force Military Training Instructor.  Attorney Younts obtained a full acquittal for an Air Force Military Training Instructor who was accused of sexual assault.

Non-Judicial Punishment

Army CPT acquitted of wrongful use of marijuana during Article 15 proceeding in Germany.  Attorney Younts used his network of expert witnesses and in-depth knowledge of the military drug testing program to successfully advocate for his client who was a Purple Heart recipient.

Fort Bragg, North Carolina.  Army E-5 cleared of all wrongdoing during the course of Article 15 proceedings for alleged drug use.

Military Service Academies

Coast Guard Academy Cadet cleared of misconduct and allowed to graduate based on Attorney Younts’ carefully crafted rebuttal demonstrating the Academy’s failure to follow regulations.

Cadet at the United States Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs, Colorado retained and allowed to graduate.  Attorney Younts used his in-depth knowledge as a former JAG assigned to the Air Force Academy to fight for the retention of a Cadet 1st Class facing disenrollment for alleged hazing.

Cadet at the United States Naval Academy, Annapolis, Maryland retained and allowed to graduate.  Cadet falsely you accused of sexual assault on the eve of graduation.  Attorney Younts’ quick actions saved the Cadet’s career and he was permitted to graduate with his peers.

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