Security Clearance in Fort Bliss

Security Clearance in Fort Bliss

We assist federal employees, contractors, military members in all stages of the security clearance process. Federal employees, military members and government contractors are typically required to obtain and maintain a security clearance as a condition of employment or as part of their eligibility for certain positions and promotions. In recent years, there has been in steady increase in the number of jobs and military positions that require security clearances. The handling of classified documents continues to be an issue that shows up in headlines. Now more than ever, it is important for those in the military and involved in work related to the federal government to obtain and retain security clearances. Currently, there are three primary clearance levels:

  • Confidential
  • Secret
  • Top Secret

The application process as well as the periodic renewal process involves extensive and
thorough background investigations. These investigations look into personal, financial, and
criminal history.

Unfortunately, things as minor as traffic offenses or credit card debt can
cause an initial issuance or renewal to be denied. Once you obtain a clearance, it can be taken
away or downgraded anytime a concern arises.

Applying for a security clearance should be taken seriously and conducted with care and
strategy. Honesty throughout the application and renewal process is important, especially when
failing to maintain a security clearance will lead to loss of employment.

We regularly assist federal employees and contractors as well as military personnel with
nationwide representation in all stages of the security clearance process and have helped them
retain their clearances.

Our attorneys that work in this area have all held clearances and
understand the process from professional and personal experience.
We can assist will all stages of the process:

  • Guidance and counseling in completing security clearance forms (e.g., e-QIP, SF-85P,
  • Preparation for investigative interviews
  • Representation during the polygraph process
  • Response to Statement of Reasons, Notices of Intent to Deny or Revoke a Clearance, and
  • Representation in security clearance hearings before federal government agencies (e.g.,
    DOHA, DOE, DHS, DOJ, Intelligence Community)
  • Appeals of adverse security clearance proceedings
  • Request for security clearance reconsideration


Attorney R. Davis Younts has two decades of legal experience. He is a former prosecutor, JAG (Judge Advocate General), and Senior Defense Counsel in the U.S. Air Force. He is dedicated to winning justice for those charged with crimes in the military.

If you are charged with any Military crime, call defense attorney R. Davis Younts promptly at (833) 739-5291 or (717) 612-4840.


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