Warrants in Dauphin County

Navigating the Warrant Process in Dauphin County

Warrants in Dauphin County are a serious legal concern. If you are the person named in an arrest warrant in Dauphin County, it’s vital for you to speak at once with a Lemoyne criminal defense lawyer who can represent you and help you resolve the matter quickly.

A law enforcement officer in Pennsylvania can make an arrest without a warrant if someone commits an offense that the officer directly observes – a DUI arrest, for instance. But for most other arrests, prosecutors and the police must ask a judge to issue an arrest warrant.


A bench warrant is an arrest warrant that is issued by a judge when someone fails to appear in court. This usually means defendants, but a bench warrant could also be issued if a witness who has been subpoenaed to testify fails to appear in court as scheduled.

If you are named in an arrest warrant, the police will be actively searching for you at your residence, your place of employment, or wherever they believe you may be. Do not run from or avoid an arrest warrant. That only makes things worse. Speak to a good attorney instead.

If someone flees the state to avoid an arrest warrant, that person should presume that the state of Pennsylvania will pursue and attempt to extradite. If you’re stopped by the police in another state while you’re a fugitive from justice, you will probably be arrested and returned to Pennsylvania.


The right defense attorney can learn if your name is on an arrest warrant, what the charge is, and what the bail amount will be. Your defense attorney can then arrange for you to turn yourself in without creating an embarrassing “scene.”

If you learn that you are the subject of an arrest warrant, do not try to act as your own lawyer, and don’t turn yourself in to the police unless you are accompanied by your attorney.

If you are arrested abruptly, before you know there is an arrest warrant or before you can consult with your attorney, politely tell the police this: “I am exercising my right to remain silent, and I insist on my right to have my lawyer present for any questioning.”

If you learn that you are named in an arrest warrant, do what it takes to clear that warrant at once. Lemoyne criminal defense attorney R. Davis Younts can help. In some cases, he may file a motion to have the warrant withdrawn or “quashed,” but you must deal with it immediately.


Search warrants authorize law enforcement officers to enter a home or place of business and look for evidence in a criminal case. If the police suspect, for example, that you sell illegal drugs from your home, they may ask a judge for a search warrant and seize any illegal drugs they find.

However, the police can’t use a search warrant as an excuse to search anywhere in a home or business for anything that might be illegal. If a warrant authorizes a search for a stolen automobile, for instance, the officers can search your garage but not your home or office.

The officers must show you the warrant so that you can examine it before or during the search. If police officers arrive with a search warrant at your home or business, get legal assistance and contact Lemoyne criminal defense lawyer R. Davis Younts at once.

Before they request a search warrant or an arrest warrant, the police must submit to a judge an affidavit that shows probable cause for conducting a search or making an arrest.


If a search warrant or an arrest warrant has your name on it, the right defense lawyer – attorney R. Davis Younts – will find a way to challenge the warrant’s legality or legitimacy. Usually, when the authorities don’t have a warrant that holds up legally, they don’t have a case.

Attorney R. Davis Younts has been a prosecutor as well as a defense attorney, so he has considerable experience – from both sides of the courtroom – dealing with arrest warrants and search warrants. If a warrant cannot be quashed, he will help you resolve it.

R. Davis Younts has been practicing law in the state of Pennsylvania since 2002. If you’re named in a warrant or charged with a crime in Cumberland or Dauphin County, contact attorney R. Davis Younts – promptly – at (833) 739-5291 or (717) 612-4840.

The law offices of R. Davis Younts are located at 26 North Ninth Street in Lemoyne. If you are dealing with a search warrant or an arrest warrant, having the right lawyer’s advice and help is imperative.


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