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Is it Possible to Get off the Sex Offender Registry in Pennsylvania?

Sex Offender Registry in Pennsylvania

It’s usually dependent on the severity of your sex crime, but your name may stay on the sex offender list for the rest of your life. Misdemeanor or minor sex crimes may be able to be removed after ten to fifteen years and depends on your states’ laws.

Commonly most states have two to three tiers of sex crime severity as guidelines. As of 2012, Pennsylvania law requires offenders who committed sexually violent offenses and are convicted, to register for 15 years (Tier 1), 25 years (Tier 2), or life (Tier 3) based on their crime.

If your sex crime is severe, that having your name removed from the registry is a much more difficult legal matter. This legal process may require that your conviction must be reversed, vacated, or set aside or you must be granted a pardon of innocence before your name is removed. Commonly, you won’t even become eligible to have your information removed until you have been on the registry for a minimum of 10 years.

You also may be aware, that any offense involving sex carries a strong negative societal stigma, which can follow you for life. Sexual offenders in Pennsylvania are required to register and be listed on the state’s sex offender database, and this also can carry lifelong negative connotations. In far too many cases, you could be convicted of a sexual offense based on very thin evidence, false accusations, or even exaggerated claims. Pennsylvania judges and juries are extremely tough on you, as an accused sex offender. So that it’s of vital importance that you have a highly skilled Pennsylvania criminal defense attorney, aggressively fighting by your side and for your rights, from the beginning to the end of your case.

What Are Some Examples of Crimes Considered to Be Sexual in Pennsylvania

Many crimes in Pennsylvania may not seem to fall into this category at first, but the state’s list of sexually related crimes is long, and not always as obvious as you may think.

As an example, under Pennsylvania law, aggravated indecent assault may be charged with the same penalties imposed as rape, or penetrating another person’s genitals or anus by your body part for any reason other than law enforcement, medical, or hygienic purposes. Charges of aggravated indecent assault are always a second-degree felony, and if your victim is younger than the age of thirteen, then it is a first-degree felony with dire consequences.

Some other crimes of a sexual nature in Pennsylvania are:

  • Any form of internet sex crimes.
  • Child pornography charges.
  • Child sexual assault.
  • Online solicitation of a minor.
  • Date rape.
  • Statutory rape
  • Spousal rape.
  • Failure to register as a sex offender when mandated.
  • Child molestation.
  • Involuntary deviate sexual intercourse.

Any, and all, of these charges (if you are convicted), will give you life-altering consequences. So, whatever you do, never take them lightly in the least. You need the best criminal defense team possible, even if you believe that you were falsely accused. The remainder of your life could be calamitous, depending on the outcome of your case.

Can I Ever Have a Normal Life If My Name Is On the Pennsylvania Sex Offender Registry?

If you’ve been charged and convicted of a sex crime, you commonly always are required to register as a sex offender anywhere you go. This will most certainly mean that your life will be forever changed. In many cases, being a registered sex offender means you may be denied housing or be allowed to live in certain neighborhoods. You could also have great difficulty finding employment. It is not uncommon today for employers to run background checks before they hire an employee. Some companies have specific policies in place that prevent the hiring of anyone convicted of a felony, and crimes against children will usually make your situation worse.

You positively receive a negative perception in your community. Remember that information on the sex offender registry is public, so anyone can see it. Though they most definitely are not permitted to commit crimes against you, you may find that people have prejudices or biases toward you because of your status.

You will have to re-register or update your personal information periodically. Failing to update your registration information when moving, or obtaining a new job, or at the required intervals could result in non-compliance charges and additional severe penalties.

But try not to lose hope, as you still have certain rights, and although legally difficult there are ways in which a seasoned, criminal lawyer can help you. Your best defense, however, is to work with your Lemoyne sex crimes lawyer right from the onset of your case. Not getting convicted, or having your charges mitigated, or even dropped, is by far your best outcome before the case culminates.

Are There Ways to Have My Sex Offender Status Expunged in Pennsylvania?

Depending on the nature of your sex offense when you are convicted of a sex crime and required to register as a sex offender you may not have the option of appealing your registration. In other cases, the judge sets a specific amount of time you must remain on the sex offender registry.

There are, however, numerous reasons that your sex crimes lawyer may use to justify your expungement from the state registry.

Some examples are:

  • Your offense has since been decriminalized.
  • Your probation period assigned by the judge has ended.
  • You completed extensive counseling or other treatment.
  • You were a minor at the time of the conviction for your sexual offense, and more.

So don’t ever lose hope, consult with your sex crimes lawyer in detail, and allow their experience and knowledge of the courts in these dire cases to work for you, and your rights.

I Need Help In Getting My Name Removed From the Sex Crimes Registry, How Should I Proceed?

First, remember that it’s always most advantageous to get a professional Lemoyne sex crimes lawyer involved thoroughly in your case before your conviction. That is always your best defense.

If that time has passed, then immediately consult, and enlist the help of a Pennsylvania skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced sex crimes firm. The criminal lawyers at R. Davis Younts, Esq. have extensive criminal and sex crimes experience, and the up-to-date knowledge of forensics to help you in the most professional, and successful manner. Call them today and get your life back on track!


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